Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome Back in 2013!

Welcome back to HCCC!

We had a nice break for about 4 weeks, and classes resumed on Jan. 28, 2013.

College Service Day, a day of professional development, was held on Thursday, Jan. 22. This event is dedicated to giving faculty and staff at the College a day to expand their educational horizons. There were some excellent workshops available, on topics such as copyright and fair use, multicultural classrooms, smartphones and more.

2012 was an exciting year in educational technology, and 2013 shows promise to continue the trend. Flipped classrooms, MOOCs, and an abundance of educational applications are all at the forefront of this development. For a review of some really interesting educational apps, check out TNW's review of "12 of the Best Educational Apps of 2012."

We are living in exciting and fast-moving times, and HCCC is ready to take advantage of the many valuable teaching aids that technology can provide.