Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's Academic Foundations?

Academic Foundations (AF) courses are designed to get students ready for anything they'll meet at the college level.. The department offers classes in basic math, algebra and English to help students learn the skills that will provide the “foundation” for their future college work. Classes are designed to meet the particular academic needs of each student.

Over half the students at Hudson County Community College take at least some Academic Foundations classes. Among them are those who have been out of school for a while and may need some help remembering their English and math skills, those who did not thrive in high school and need a more mature learning environment, and those (from other countries) who know English well but do not yet read and write it on a college level.

When a student first arrives at the College, he/she is given four tests: the College Placement Tests (CPT) in reading, math and algebra and an essay test. The CPT in reading is multiple choice and concerns reading comprehension on a college level. The CPT essay is evaluated for writing skill, organization, coherence and grammar. The math and algebra tests require students to answer problems which show the ability to do math and algebra at a college level. The cut-off scores below will determine a student’s AF or college-level placement for the upcoming semester.

For more information, go to HCCC's Academic Foundations webpage.